The Story of the Trees

Grenadier Square Redevelopment will undergo a landscape design that will involve the removal of trees and the planting of new ones. The trees that will be removed will be repurposed through our partners We Care Tree Care who collect and repurpose wood to ensure the trees we are cutting down are treated in a sustainable manner. Below is an overview of the tree removal and repurposing process. Upon the project’s completion there will be over 30% more trees on the complex.

1) What is the tree cutting process?
We Care Tree Care ensure that the trees are cut down in a manner that they can be repurposed.

2) How is it repurposed?
For the soft woods, including most of the Austrian Pine, they will be made into outdoor furniture including benches for schools or garden beds for communities. For the hard woods, these pieces will donated to a variety of local charities and smaller pieces distributed to schools for woodworking.

3) Where does the wood go?
Toronto District School Board, Habitat for Humanity, community gardens, non-profits and local charities.