What is GWL Realty’s Advisor’s approach to development?

We take a very thoughtful approach to the new development projects. When we undertake a new project, it is with the understanding that it satisfies a business opportunity for the owner and contributes to the long-term vitality of the neighbourhood.

What is GWL Realty Advisors’ approach to public engagement?

We are committed to engaging with the communities impacted by our activities to ensure their perspectives are integrated into the planning, design and construction of new developments and redevelopment projects under our management.



What are the street parameters of Grenadier Square?

Grenadier Square is bordered by High Park Avenue along the east, Quebec Avenue along the west, the TTC High Park Terminal station along the south and adjacent to 70 High Park to the north.

What is currently on the property?

There are currently two apartment towers. The two blocks of townhouses previously on the property have been demolished.

What is GWL Realty Advisors building for the redevelopment of Grenadier Square?

The Grenadier Square Redevelopment will consist of two new purpose-built 25-storey luxury rental buildings providing 528 new suites including 16 new townhomes and the building of two new amenity pavilions totalling 22,000 square feet for the use of all tenants in the complex. Other plans include renovations to the existing towers at 40 High Park Avenue and 77 Quebec Avenue.

What new amenities will be provided for residents as part of the redevelopment?

The redevelopment will featured an improved landscape with 30% more trees as well as two new amenity buildings for use of all the tenants of Grenadier Square. Amenity buildings will include a new indoor pool, gym, studios for instructor-led classes, shared party rooms, dedicated hobby space and indoor children’s play area.

What is the unit mix of the redevelopment?

The proposed mix of units will include a range of studios, 1 bedroom, 2 bedroom and 3 bedroom units, with the following unit mix:

  • Studios – 12 units

  • 1 bedroom – 268 units

  • 2 bedroom – 246 units

  • 3 bedroom – 2 units

What are the projects’ sustainability features?

The new towers at Grenadier Square are designed to target LEED® Gold and Toronto Green Standard Tier (TGS II). LEED® is a rating system devised to evaluate the environmental performance of a building and encourage market transformation towards sustainable design. TGS II is a set of performance measures, which promote sustainable sites and building designs with a focus that addresses Toronto’s urban environmental pressures through building design. Some key sustainability features include:

  • Rain water retention

  • Green roofs

  • Building exterior

  • Energy efficient heating and cooling

  • In-suite water efficient fixtures

What are the proposed rental rates? How do I get on the wait list?

The units will be marketed in late 2018, approximately six months prior to first occupancy and the rental rates will be determined at that time. If you would like to be contacted for future rental opportunities, please provide your email via the contact page.

There is a development proposal for High Park Village. Is it part of Grenadier Square?

No, these are two separate and distinct projects. GWRLA has submitted a rezoning application for High Park Village. GWRLA also manages Grenadier Square Redevelopment, however the projects are separate.

What is the proposed timeline for construction?

Construction started in spring 2017 with an anticipated completion of mid-2019.



How will construction impact residents and the community?

We are committed to minimizing the inconvenience and being good neighbours; however, with any construction project, there will be noise, dust and deliveries. Our team will mitigate the inconvenience as much as possible through regular communication, thoughtfully designed hoarding and a diligent cleanup plan. Please check for updates on this page:

What has happened to the trees onsite?

Grenadier Square’s landscape will undergo a transformation that will include the removal of trees and the planting of new ones. By the project’s completion there will be over 30% more trees than what exists onsite today. The construction approach mitigates the long-term health and safety of the trees recommended for preservation. We Care Tree Care will repurpose the removed trees for use within the community in partnership with the Toronto District School Board as well as other non-profits.

Will some of the roads leading to the community be closed at some point during construction?

Road closure will not be necessary for most of the project, with the exception of the initial crane delivery. A notification will be on the website update page to advise the public once the road closure permits are received.

Will the sidewalks along High Park Avenue and Quebec Avenue be closed during construction?

Sidewalks are protected by hoarding and will remain open during construction.

Will trucks be idling on High Park Ave and/or Quebec Ave while waiting to enter the construction site?

The City of Toronto has a by-law regarding the idling of vehicles. Construction vehicles will be expected to adhere to this bylaw.

Will there be shadow impacts on the surrounding neighbourhood?

Shadow studies were completed at critical times during the year and in accordance with the Toronto Official Plan with minor shadow impacts to the neighbourhood.

How will this redevelopment impact traffic and parking in the neighbourhood during construction?

During construction, residents have access to alternate parking spaces, and we encourage external visitors to utilize the street parking nearby. We will minimize impacts to local traffic as much as possible, and anticipate road closures will not be necessary for most of the project.



When will the hoarding be installed?

The hoarding installation is scheduled for mid-June and will feature a design that illustrates some of the History of High Park.

What other construction activity is taking place?

The townhouses have been demolished and trees have been removed. Crane installation will take place late in the summer of 2017.

What are the construction working hours?

Construction hours will remain within the City of Toronto by-law, 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. Monday to Friday, 9:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. Saturdays.

Where can I obtain information about permits?

For information on permits, please visit: