Proposed Quebec Avenue Streetscape


Welcome to Grenadier Square Redevelopment, a unique community nestled in High Park.

What is the Grenadier Square Redevelopment?

The Grenadier Square Redevelopment will consist of two new purpose-built 25-storey luxury rental buildings providing 528 new suites including 16 new townhomes and the building of two new amenity pavilions totalling 22,000 square feet for the use of all tenants in the complex. Other plans include renovations to the existing Legacy Towers at 40 High Park Avenue and 77 Quebec Avenue. Construction starts in spring 2017 with an anticipated completion of mid-2019.



What is happening to the trees and landscaping?

Grenadier Square’s landscape will also undergo a transformation that will include the removal of trees and the planting of new ones. By the project’s completion there will be over 30% more trees onsite. We Care Tree Care will repurpose the removed trees for the community and in partnership with the Toronto District School Board as well as non-profits.



What is Purpose-Built Rental?

A purpose-built rental is a residential construction developed with multiple units built with the intent of each unit to be rented out by tenants. Compared to condominium high-rises, these buildings are designed with a greater focus on the long-term operation, including increased energy conservation, quality of materials and specialized amenities, than other housing types.

With a shortage of housing inventory and the soaring price of homes in Canada there has never been a greater need for purpose-built rentals to be developed. Currently 46.5% of households in Toronto are renters. The need for affordable homes has prompted more individuals and families to seek rental housing.